How I Kept Gaming While Getting a Degree

game1College was great for vices, trying out new things, and even video games. I mean, yeah, sure, I learned some things. For me, attending lectures, being the “responsible” student is the most boring part in college.

During my college years, there is no day that you won’t see video games, and other things, like alcohol, partying, sex, and drugs. But even with my “busy” college life, I still managed to graduate and play lots and lots of video games at the same time.

I know right? Wow, that’s so awesome, “teach me how to do it”.

Pack for college as a gamer

I had no problems finding a place to stay for college, but the next difficult task is deciding what to bring with you. 18 years living in one room, and a hell of a bunch of favorite video game collection, it’s really hard to make a decision. And especially if you’re going to live far away for college, you need to be efficient in what you’re going to bring. All of your things should fit in your new small room. Really think hard on what to bring, don’t end up regretting not bringing a single (or two, or many) video game(s).

If you both have the old and new systems of video games, leave the new ones at home and bring the old ones, they’re actually more favorable, especially if you want to invite people to play with you. Compared to newer systems, you can safely leave your older systems in common rooms without having to worry if they get stolen. You’ll probably be surprised how many college students are still playing using GameBoy bricks.

Drinking mug after mug of coffee

Did I mention my gaggia anima machine? Yes, it’s no surprise that espressos are one of the popular ways to keep yourself awake during the night. After a long day of running around, attending lecture after lecture, studying for examinations (not that I always do) and partying all night, you’d still want to be wide awake to play the next level of your favorite video game.

Most dormitories have semi auto machines in the common area or the canteen. In my place there was no coffee machine, which is really odd. So, I brought one for myself. My parents were kind of proud, thinking I bought it for late night study, but mum, it’s actually late night video game marathon.

Become friends with other students who love video games

Your parents probably didn’t allow you to bring your video games to college, since they inspect you to focus on academics and socialize with other people. And even though you sneaked a few, you probably won’t be able to satisfy your cravings for video games. Therefore, make your mum proud by socializing with other gamers like you. They surely have multiplayer systems that you can play together.

In my college, there was surprisingly a house for video games, where often gamers like me gather and play with the systems available.

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