Video Games and Guns Unmasked

Violent video games with characters that use guns and comfortable holster have been a big source of controversy in the world today, considering these video games are the prevalent form of pastime. In the past, the thought of video games and guns would give any parent worry, but then technology happened. This has bridged the two by creating a virtual world where the participants are actively involved in the action, as opposed to books which are widely considered to be passive and less involving compared to video games. Some of the today’s parents have chosen to embrace this type of pastime and even gone further and made it into a bonding experience with their children. Some of the children who participate in these video games have developed knowledge on arms and battle strategies that sometimes give them something to talk about with their family relatives that are perhaps military trained or retired soldiers.

Impact of Video Games with Guns

The effects of these video games on the participants and society as a whole are widely considered a “hot potato” for many because like a coin, it can be argued using the two sides, positive and negative. Some people argue that it mainly promotes aggression to the participants and also makes them be desensitized to scenes of violence. They further continue to try and say that it is these feelings that cause a change in the behavior of the video game players and encourage them to commit acts of violence such as assault because the video games have tipped what the gamers perceived as right or wrong. On the flip side, there are other people who argue acts of violence have other factors that come into play in terms of the perpetrators. They argue that those in the belief that video games can lead to violence underestimate the ability of the brain to separate the world of reality and the world of virtual video games. Their arguments continue further stating that even aggression is greatly affected by other things such as the individual’s personality and the environment in which the individual is in, thus writing off any influence from the media as insignificant. Scientific approaches to finding the general impact have yielded inconsistent results, leaving the debate to rage on as time goes by. Personal weapon safe was created to keep guns safe out of reach of children and just served as the family’s protection in case f danger.

Way Forward

Even as the discussion continues on the pros and cons of the impact of video games on the society continues, it is important to acknowledge that the video games that involve guns are here and trying to fight them might prove futile. Even so, guns are part of our community whether we like it or not and form a big part of issues that affect our society. Sometimes when we argue about if video games involving guns are healthy for the society we forget the common phrase “The devil is in the details.” This raises the question, is it possible to create a video game that sensitizes the users on gun violence and educate the users on the issue of gun control? Another way we can make the video games with guns better is we can use them to fight cultural stereotypes that have plagued the community. A good example is by including more female characters so as to encourage our girls to follow their dreams if they wish to be in that area of combat. Also the notion that some religions promote violent tendencies can be fought using video games that show all religions as equal.

Whether video games with characters that use guns have either negative or positive impact will continue to be a bone of contention but our main focus should be what good can be accomplished with these games.


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